Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beets & Lemon ' Purple Lemonade '

Its day 8 of 21 of an intense fast ( more spiritual than for health reasons) which has inspired me  to  dive into the new (for me) world of juicing.
About 2 weeks ago I went on a quest to find a great juicer.  After thorough research, I found a great buy on a juicer that seemed to have a lot of great product reviews. (Breville Fountain)  This series of juicers range from $99-$400– I decided the fountain plus would be a great gamble for what I was looking to invest.  So far, after 8 days of daily juicing I really recommend it.  It does a great job and it’s not hard to clean ( I do not even own a dishwasher — and I hate doing dishes– so this is saying a lot!)   

I have learned a lot about  in just a short time (It’s been my life, I might be obsessing a bit.. eeps).  
After trying many combinations of fruits and veggies I have found a few favorites which I would like to share.   (I will spare you the chalky crappy combos that made me want to vom)
After you master some of the basics of incorporating root vegetables with fruits (eg: Apple, Orange & Carrot)  you may think about adding in other fruits and vegetables.  I for instance, was really curious about starting to use beets.  They are beautiful in color but I never really liked them …or so I thought.  
I did make a beet juice this week that tasted so earthy I could not stand it — the beet took over and dominated the flavor.  So I got working on a way to counter that bold flavor of mother earth.
I am a lemon lover — I could drink lemon flavored anything all day long– when I crave fair food — it’s the lemon shake-ups that I desire..  so here is my homage to lemon shake-ups:  however, do not be hindered by its pretty purple appearance!
  1. 2 Peeled Oranges
  2. 1 Small Beet
  3. 1/2 lemon (keep peel on)
  4. 1 Gala Apple
  5. 3 Kale Leaves
    1. Wash your organic fruits & veggies
    2. Peel your oranges, quarter the apple and trim the beet.
    3. Place a bag in your juicer to catch the pulp (1 less thing to clean)
    4. Juice your citrus and kale on low speed.
    5. Juice the beet & apple on high speed.
    6. Pour and enjoy!

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