Monday, August 26, 2013

Barrett Martin on New Mexico's PBS Talking Zen: The Video and What His Life is Like Today

Barrett Martin with the Walking Papers 
Photo courtesy of Walking Papers on FB 

You know the drill, if you don't know who Barrett Martin is your an idiot, you have no business reading this, and I should fire my publicist, but he's a monkey and can't be reached my phone at the moment...

So as I was looking through some old youtube videos, I came across this and remembered that Barrett had graduated from the University of New Mexico, It was really strange to see him in this short PBS video, there's a few other cool ones on other people I've met like dancer Maria Benitez, so it was a little surreal for me to see another person I know and have common friends with here in Seattle over the course of over 20 years, in New Mexico- my home state,  and talking about how the desert makes him feel, his mild anxiety at the time which he quickly and permanently remedied with meditation and zen.  And after the last year of seeing him play a few times back here in Seattle , I think its clear that he's found his raison d' etre. 

Wasn't that cool? It really makes you think about how you view a person, and for me his looks are not what I see when I look at him, it's like he has a force field around him, that nothing can penetrate, that's why Sancho got in trouble for his recent post about Barrett, I really want people to stop looking at him like he's a T bone steak and start appreciating him for his mind! 

Sancho thought he was real cute posting this on Facebook last week, 
Don't worry he's being dealt with.....

As part of his punishment, Sancho's therapist has 
suggested drum lessons...

In case your still trying to figure out who Barrett is, he is the drummer of Seattle's new super group, Walking Papers. They are currently on tour right now with the Uproar Festival, he has played percussion for many great Seattle bands including Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, and the amazing project Mad Season, and when he's got down time, he jams with The Barrett Martin band here in Seattle, to see more on his history or to follow him online here are the links to his Facebook fan page, and his website

This wonderful person continues to awe and inspire everyone he come in contact with, here is a Walking Papers video, just in case you for some crazy reason have not heard or seen them,. enjoy and remember our fellow musicians are more than just something to gawk at, they are people who deserve respect and have earned it.

Barrett " The Bear " Martin 

Photo courtesy of Walking Papers 

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